Terms of Use

Any user (learner or instructor) has to comply to these Terms of Use if wanting to be granted access to KEPOS Academy and its resources and materials which are protected by applicable copyright and trademark law.

KEPOS Academy grants its users unlimited and lifelong access to its materials and resources once enrolled. However, users cannot download the materials and resources unless they are granted the permission by the administration of KEPOS Academy. To download a material that is not given upon enrollment, users have to send a request, in form of e-mail, for downloading it. (This does not apply to free material posted on KEPOS Academy's website, on YouTube or social media). If the administration answers positively to the request after the user provides enough reasons for downloading the material, KEPOS Academy will grant a copy of the requested material for personal, non-commercial transitory viewing only. This means that the user must provide proof that they will not (except with KEPOS Academy's consent)

1. modify the materials, (unless providing proof that the modification doesn't affect the content or the copyright and other proprietary notations);
2. use the material for any public display for any other purposes than educational and/or without crediting and/or defaming KEPOS Academy;
3. copy the materials;
4. attempt to de-compile or reverse engineer any software contained on KEPOS Academy’s website;
5. transfer the materials to another party;
6. imitate the materials on any other server.

Any violation of these restrictions may result in the termination of the user's enrollment in KEPOS Academy. The user is also obliged to destroy all copies of the material in their possession.

KEPOS Academy does not censure any of its materials or content as long as it serves educational or pedagogical purposes and favors open dialogue between users. Anything deemed inappropriate or offensive is a matter between adult users who are responsible for themselves, their words and their feelings. Users shall sort among themselves compromises and solutions to work out their differences. However, in case of bullying, harassment or defamation of some users by other users within the jurisdiction of KEPOS Academy, the aggressors' enrollment will be terminated. Furthermore, any explicit content of pornographic, illegal or hateful nature which violates the egalitarian values of KEPOS Academy and infringes rational discussion and dialogue between users will be immediately taken out from the website.

KEPOS Academy cannot be taken liable for any damages (including damages for loss of data or profit, or due to business interruption) in connection with the materials on KEPOS Academy's website. The materials appearing on KEPOS Academy’s website may include errors. KEPOS Academy doesn't guarantee that all materials on its website are accurate, complete, or current.

KEPOS Academy can, at any time and without notice and only if it wants to or deems it necessary, make changes to or update any content on its website including the Terms of Use, except content made by its users. Further use of the website means acceptance of the new Terms of Use.

Any claim relating to KEPOS Academy’s website shall be governed by the laws of KEPOS Academy Owner’s home jurisdiction without regard to its conflict of law provision

For further questions, you can contact KEPOS Academy through phone or email.
Phone: +216 92 331 954 / WhatsApp
E-mail address: admin@keposacademy.com / cherni.medismail@yahoo.fr

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